Q:   When does the Wee Panthers Football Inc. (“WPFI”) season begin and what is the duration?
A:   The WPFI/WOJFC football season starts the last Monday of July.   Games begin the second week of August and run through Mid-October (1 pre-season and 8 regular season games).  The tournament begins the following weekend and runs through the second week of November.  You can check the calendar on this site as well as the WOJFC site for updated games schedules and times.
Q:   When are sign-ups for WPFI and how do I sign up?
A:   Starting in 2015 going forward, all players will be required to sign-up online electronically.  Please go to the registration page on www.weepanthersfootball.com. Typically sign-ups will open up mid-March and stay open until the second week of May.  Please refer to the instructions on the registration page for all sign-up information.
Q:   Does my child need a physical?
A:   Yes, each player playing tackle football must have a current physical (performed during the same playing year) and be on the official WOJFC form.  You can get this from www.weepanthersfootball.com or www.wojfc.com.  If a Player is playing only WPFI Flag Football they do not have to have a physical.
Q:   Is Bantam full contact?
A:   Yes. WPFI from Bantam (1st and 2nd) thru 6th grade is full contact tackle football.
Q:   What is the age requirement to be eligible to play football for WPFI?
A:   Players must be at a minimum in the 1st grade to start playing football for WPFI. They must also meet the residency rules set forth by the WOJFC and WPFI.
Q:   Does the player have to live in Springboro to play football for WPFI?
A:   The WOJFC residency rule regarding player eligibility for WPFI requires players to reside within the Springboro Community School district.  Property addresses vary within the district (e.g. some residents have a Lebanon mailing address); however, the address must be within the boundaries of the Springboro Community Schools district and the child must reside at the address listed.  This address must also match the address listed on the child’s physical form.  All children residing within the district boundaries are eligible to play whether or not the child attends Springboro Community Schools (e.g. the child attends a private school or is home schooled). 

Q: What equipment will son or daughter need to play Wee Panther Football?
A: The equipment needed for a player consists of the following two groups:
Provided by Wee Panthers Football:
  • Jersey
  • Helmet*
  • Shoulder Pads*
  • Mouth Guard (1) **
Also required (not provided by Wee Panthers)
  • Cleats (no metal, no screw-in)
  • Pants (game pants may be used for practice as well)***
  • Protective cup / shield
  • Replacement Mouth Guards
* Helmet and shoulder pads must be returned at the end of the season.

 ** One mouth piece provided by Wee Panthers. All mouth guards must be in good condition prior to participation, attached to helmet, and not-clear. Must be molded and trimmed per mouth piece instructions to fit properly.

  *** Must include pads.  Either sewn in (recommended) or attached separately.  
Q: Where are practices held?
A:   Bantam – 4th grade practice is at Clearcreek Park 3500 Lower Springboro, Springboro, Ohio 45066.  5thgrade and 6th grade practice at the Springboro Water Tower  3049 Pennyroyal, Miamisburg 45342 (Parking is limited).

Q:   When should the players be at the field for a game? 
A:   This will be determined by each team’s coaching staff. Coaches typically expect players ready and on the warm-up fields approximately 1 hour before games. Teams must be at the respective end zones 10 minutes prior to game start so that pre-game announcements and team introductions can begin as soon as possible to insure the game will start on time. 
Q:  As a parent of a player, how should I expect to help the Wee Panthers?
A:  The Wee Panthers football organization is a non-profit organization driven by volunteers. Parent participation is mandatory to help cover the many duties and keep the organization operating. Every family is required to participate in the fundraiser, as well as work during the season at home games.  Field Duty Schedules are coordinated by the designated Team Mom.   Some of the available jobs include: working the concession stand, operating the game clock, announcing, spotting (assisting announcer and time clock operator), and chain crew. These tasks must be covered for home games.
Q:   How much playing time will my child get in the games?
A:   The WOJFC bi-laws require each player to play a minimum of 5 plays per half.  All WPFI coaches will strive to do their best to play children as much as possible.  Many scenarios determine playing time.  Not all games and players are the same therefore, play time is not guaranteed after the minimum plays.  If you have a concern, please schedule a meeting with your coach to discuss.
Q:   Why do all players have to weigh-in?
A:   WOJFC requires all players to weigh-in to determine ball-carrying eligibility.  This verifies all weights and that there are not issues during season and questions of ball eligibility.  It also ensures no coach will hinder the possibility of a child handling the ball by purposely excluding him from weigh-ins.  If a child misses the first weigh-in and has a preapproved excuse, then he will not be eligible to carry the ball until the hard ship weigh-in 4 weeks into the season.  If the player misses that weigh-in, they will be ineligible for the remainder of the year.

Q:   What are the weight cut offs to carry the football?
A:  Please check the www.wojfc.org website and go to “documents” under there you can look at up to date “2018 WOJFC Playing Rules”.  Below is a quick reference to the 2018 weight limits:
  • Bantam                75lbs
  • 3rd Grade             90lbs
  • 4th Grade             100lbs
  • 5th Grade             110lbs
  • 6th Grade             125lbs

NOTE: There is not HardShip Weigh ins.  IF a player misses with an excuse then they will be pink stickered (uneligible to carry ball).  IF they miss with no note they will not be allowed to participate in the 2018 season. If they are over the weight limits at that time they will be automatically receive a pink sticker.

Q:   What if my child is pink stickered?
A:   If your child has a pink sticker on their helmet, it means they did not make the weight eligibility set forth by the WOJFC to be ball eligible.  Non-ball eligible players cannot play in a ball eligible position or carry the ball.

Q:   What are the player practice requirements prior to beginning full contact practice? 
A:   In order for a player to start full contact, they must have 3 days acclimation (can wear helmet but no pads) then 2 days of full pads but no contact.  This applies to all players and does not matter when a player starts. 

Q:   What is the WOJFC EXTREME WEATHER Practice Policy?
A: see www.wojfc.org weather policy.

Q:   What is the practice schedule? How many days? How Long?
A:   Generally, WPFI holds the first day of football at the Springboro High School football field for all grades.  On the second night, teams will split and report to their respective practice facilities (see practice location information on Site/Directions page).  During the first 2 weeks of the year, they will generally practice 5 nights a week: Monday – Friday.  They can only practice for 2 hours per night.  Once high school varsity games begin, they will not practice on Friday nights.  After schools starts, they are limited to 3 days per week (days determined by the individual coaching staffs). Bantam is limited to no more than 2 nights per week in full pads. 
Q:   What is the purpose of the team colors?
A:   Team colors are for schedule purposes only with WPFI. Teams will be split equally and colors randomly assigned.  Normally if a grade has 2 teams, colors will be blue and white.  If a grade has 3 teams, then black will be added.  If a grade has 4 teams, then silver will be incorporated. Team colors are picked each year by grade and coach line up.  Each year colors will be drawn and that group from 1-6 will receive that color schedule.  Once again there is no varsity, JV, A team, B team etc. Teams are split equally by team needs after evaluations.  WPFI's main focus is to develop our junior high and high school programs.
Q:   Can a player switch teams mid-season?
A:   Once a player is placed on a team and all rosters are submitted to WOJFC, then that player will be required to be on said team for the remainder of the season.  If the player does not want to be on the same team following year, they must fill out a request and submit to the WPFI board for consideration.  There is no guarantee the request will be granted.
Q:   What is Spirit Thursday?
A:   Spirit Thursday is designed to build team spirit and promote camaraderie between players, coaches and parents.   It is organized by the team moms and requires participation from parents on a rotating schedule.    It is meant to be fun for the kids at the end of a practice week.  Snacks, games, etc.
Q:   How do I sign up to coach?
A:   WPFI is constantly looking for qualified head and assistant coaches. If you would like to apply, please go on line to the Coach’s Corner page and fill out the coach’s application.  Coaches are generally required to apply by end of May.  All head coaching requests will go through a selection committee and may incorporate an interview.