Mission Statement:

It shall be the goal of the Wee Panthers Football INC to provide informed coaches that will promote the teaching of fundamentals, good sportsmanship, pride in belonging to a program, and make it enjoyable to all, while at the same time give the participants an equal opportunity to learn through more manageable team sizes. The Organization will strive to teach the values of hard wok, teamwork, and sound fundamentals for all football competitors, competing to win and dealing with losing in a constructive and positive way. “Putting Kids on the Field”

Contact the WPFI Board @ info@weepanthersfootball.com
Executive Board Members Position
Stephen Harding President
Tyler Shaner Vice President
Kelly Fleming Treasurer
Chris Florio Secretary
Jim Hollis Director of Coaching/ USA Football
Board Members  Position
Damon Morris WOJFC League Representative
Tyler Shaner WOJFC League Representative
Amy Ward Team Parent Coordinator
Wendy Dunkerly Fundraising Coordinator
Matt Davis Communication Director
Noel Meyer Player Saftey Coach/ USA Football
Dawn Sims  Registration Coordinator
Matt Nicely Field Cordinator
Kasey Hutchinson Special Events Coordinator
Brad Knickle Equipment Coordinator
Jeff Wagnor Equipment Coordinator
Chip Fessler Advisory Member
Bob Ward Advisory Member
Eric Baber Web Developer